Dealers Only
Dealers Only

Vinyl Spa Cover Limited Warranty - 4 Year - Vinyl spa covers to a maximum 96” size are warranted to the original retail purchaser for non-commercial use for four years from the date of this purchase. Oversize (over 96”) covers are warranted for 3 years.

Economy Vinyl Spa Cover Limited Warranty - 1 Year - Economy vinyl spa covers are warranted to the original retail purchaser for non-commercial use for one year from the date of purchase.

Sunbrella® Fabric Spa Cover Limited Warranty - 5 Year - Sunbrella spa covers up to 96” are warranted for 5 years under the same conditions as above. Oversize (over 96”) Sunbrella covers are warranted for 3 years.

To Obtain Warranty Service - You must return the cover in a clean and dry condition to the manufacturer with the original invoice as proof of purchase. All Seasons Spa Covers will repair or replace the cover if it is deemed under warranty with no charge for material & labor. Purchaser assumes all costs for delivery or freight charges and disposal costs. This warranty is limited to the purchase price of the spa cover and the manufacturer cannot be held liable for any other incidental or consequential damages or injuries which result from use of this spa cover.

What is not covered - This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by: 1) misuse or accidents; 2) failure to provide proper care and maintenance, see Cautions and Care Instructions; 3) ordinary wear and tear, normal fading and deterioration of vinyl and thread, and seam splitting due to improper handling; 4) snow and ice, animals, fire, vandalism, excessive chemicals, improper installation and strain, excessive abuse or abrasion - including abrasions and penetrations due to cover lifters, alterations, acts of God, or use for purposes other than that for which the cover was designed; 5) broken foam cores, or cores which have been saturated due to punctures, cuts, or other abrasions.


Keep It Clean - Clean your cover once a month, more often if needed, with a mild solution of dish washing liquid and warm water and rinse thoroughly.

Condition your Vinyl Cover - Use 303 Protectant once a month to condition the vinyl of your cover. This will protect the vinyl and replace the original protectant in the vinyl that the sun and elements strip away. Due to the harsh qualities of many other conditioners, if 303 Protectant is not used, the warranty will be void. Do not use any other brand of conditioner.

Condition your Sunbrella® Cover - Use 303 High Tech Fabric Guard after each thorough cleaning, which typically removes the original finish and reduces the fabric’s water repellency. For further detailed cleaning and reconditioning information, go to and read the link for “Marine Tops and Covers”. Please note, although bleach may be used on the Sunbrella fabric, it may lead to deterioration of sewing thread and other non-Sunbrella components.

Do Not Under Estimate the Power of Chemicals - For example, improper chlorine and PH levels can cause damage to your cover and spa. Over chlorination causes burning of the cover bottom material and deterioration of thread. Some color change to the cover bottom material is normal, but excessive discoloring and texture changes are a sign of improper chemical levels and will void the warranty. Proper chemical balance will help prolong the life of your cover. Ask your spa dealer about the proper chemicals for your spa.

Avoid Overheating of the cover by not covering with plastic or glass as this can super heat and melt the vinyl and foam cores.

Avoid Puddles - If your cover develops a puddle on top, you can prolong the life of the cover by unzipping the cover, and removing and flipping the foam core. Be careful not to damage the foam cores’ vapor barrier. Replacement cores are available for purchase.